Whether it is exotic destinations that are away from the beaten track, customized itineraries, need based incentives, creative off sites, promotions, MICE or product launches, we offer a bouquet of professional services that make your event unique and memorable. Green Boots Hospitality encloses the entire range of corporate event management, corporate travel management and hospitality services. We keep in mind the social and business requirements of our clients, as well as the unique services requested by corporate travelers and professionals from different fields. We ensure that we cater to their requirements in a totally customized manner.


With internal state of the art systems and computerized access to a global network of hotels, airlines and land operators, we fulfill the most demanding of requirements. Every Corporate today has various types of conference & meeting requirements. At Green Boots Hospitality we offer bespoke services for room bookings, meals, full day meetings, and gala nights at extremely competitive rates. We ensure all your requirements are handled with absolute expertise and customization– even the last minute ones!


As a client, you have expectations. You want to plan a fantastic event for your clients in a cost effective manner and generate maximum return on investment out of doing so. You want to be on top of your game and you want to create a long lasting impression which your audience will remember until the next event you organize. Whether it is diving in river Ganges or breakfast in the land of tigers, rock climbing or rappelling on chocolaty rocks or meditation in Himalayan mist, our focus remains on creating the perfectly tailored event for you.


We realize that motivated people achieve beyond limits. But most importantly, we know how to create the ultimate reward for the ultimate achiever.


You have two options:-
Whether try to become an event manager and be the jack of all trades, where you try to do everything and end up giving little attention to what will actually give you a return on your investment.
You hand over the event execution to us, who does this every day, so that you can concentrate on furthering relations with your attendees and ensuring your guests feel welcome out of attending the event.

We believe that you keep your focus on your business and let us manage the rest. We work with you on your specific requirements for exhibitions and conferences with synergy and cohesiveness, honing and streamlining execution to ensure the success of the event.